AirPods... Worth The Hype?



Worth the upgrade?

What you need to know:

-Everyone has different sized ears… first off make sure these things actually fit you. No-one wants earphones that fall out after every move ya make….nuff said. (Go to store and try em)
-$199 is a steep price for something that seriously lacks in bass, connectivity, and overall battery life. Yea…they are relatively small and you can charge em with the case, but for half the price you can get a set of over the ear headphones that beat these guys out in almost every way. (minus portability)
-If you want these strictly for the gym, i would urge you guys to shell out the extra cash and go with the PowerBeat Pro’s that loop around the ear and make up for the loss in sound quality.
-These get about 4 hours of use on a single charge…. but with the case that can get bumped up to 15 to 18. Fifteen minutes of charge time will give ya a few hours of immediate music play….nice.

What these are good for:

-Commuting on train or walking around the city. (Perfect for ignoring people)
-Listen to music casually on the go
-Fits perfectly into the Apple ecosystem
-Getting a solid amount of use time (with rechargeable case) Think of it like carrying around a pack of tic-tacks.
-Keeping up with social trends. Like you the rest of the world will have these in their ears too.
-Making phone calls… the speaker works surprisingly well

What these are BAD for:

-Running at the gym. (Unless these fit in your ear snugly, chances are that they will fall out on ya) They are also very easy to lose.
-Flying on airplanes: maybe its alright in the gate terminal… but once ya get on the plane, there is no noise canceling, and even max volume seems like its barely enough for some songs.
-If your the type of bro who loses everything…. these are NOT for you. Save your money
-No “Hey Siri” for you…..better luck next time

Overall, for me personally Apple AirPods fit my ear nicely, and i enjoy having them around when i feel like zoning out the world. I would recommend these if you plan on using them for some of reasons listed above. Just know you are paying a premium for Apple… you can always achieve better quality at a fraction on this cost. This ones up to you guys.

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